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A project was designed for Fluxathon, a 24hrs interface design challenge to create an app that fits assigned theme.

My role: UX/UI Designer

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Social media has been found to be closely linked to both depression and negative self-image for the users.


A solution that will allow users to overcome the negative impact they have been facing while using various social media platforms.


pos. will help filter out the negative impact based on users’ profiles and uplift them.


Research & Ideation


Approximately 16.2 million adults in the United States are dealing with depression through social media

Source: Economist.com

Source: Economist.com


Symptoms of Depression

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  • Feelings of hopelessness

  • Loss of interest in normal daily activities

  • Irritable mood

  • Excessive guilt

  • Social isolation

  • Suicidal thoughts, actions or plans

    These symptoms most likely make negative impact on school performance, friendships and family relationships

    Insight: these are the few symptoms that this app took inspiration from to create a plugin that would help people who are dealing with depression and negative self-image can get through their problems and connect to the people around them



Michelle | Age 19 | Student

Bio: Michelle is a currently a Freshman at the University of Texas. She started using social media at the age of 16, with her first smartphone. Everything started tumbling down as she made more friends online. She started to become upset seeing posts of everyone’s amazing adventures, which made her own life feel lackluster.

Goals: Be Positive | Know how to value herself | Feeling supported

Frustrations: Loneliness | Hopelessness | Ashamed about her body

Personality: Sociable | Enthusiastic | Sensitive

Being alone is just not my thing
— Michelle

Noah | Age 21 | Student

Bio: Noah is finishing up his last semester at New York University. During his four years at NYU, he has met a lot of people and connected with them over social media. However, he has always been hyper-focused on school and has a hard time seeking out help from his friends and family, which has lead him to loneliness and depression.

Goals: Be able to focus on school | Get back his happy lifestyle | Self-care

Frustrations: Worthlessness | Lack of Energy | How to make real friends

Personality: Practical | Extroverted | Thoughtful

I wish there was a better way to use social media
— Noah

What does users need the most to recover?



People who are dealing with depression tend to feel lonely and a lack of support. Gaining that support back from their family and close friends, they start to value themselves more and share their emotions with others.


Depressed people usually forget to give themselves the proper care. Besides the attention they have from friends and family, they also need focus on themselves and how to bring joy to their life.

Introducing The pos. Mobile App

An app designed to help people overcome their anxiety and value themselves more by filtering out the negative part of social media and connecting with people.


How does pos. work?

Using pos. will give users a chance to filter out all the negative posts that they see on social media everyday.

Based on the user’s unique profile, pos. will detect which is a negative post for the user and blur it out with a message to keep up the users positive mindset.


How does pos. help with depression?

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Positive Vibes Only

Enable “positive vibes” mode will let pos. filter out all the negative posts based on the profile that they put in



While reaching out to family and best friends, notes will help the users to jot down good insights about their calls so that they can reflect on it later.



After seeing the general message, users can chose resources to get in touch with suicidal/depression hotlines to get help immediately


Pos. Feed

Based on the user’s profile, pos. feed will only show positive posts that would help to brighten up users’ mood

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pos. will help many users out there who are dealing with depression through social medias and give them the support they need in order to value themselves more and reconnect to the community.