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Pinco is an application that inspires people through snippets of their everyday experiences by other artists and designers locally and globally. Designers/artists get a chance to collect, connect and collaborate so they can always feel inspired.



10 weeks
03.25.2019 - 05.29.2019


Information Architecture
Prof. Yee Eun Yoon

The Team

Dallin Higgins • Tiffany Choi
Chris Feliciano

My Role

UX/UI Design
Visual Design


The Problem


At time, designers lack the avenues necessary to generate new ideas, leading to uninspired and overall weaker designs


Understanding our target audience


Everyone is a designer and we just don’t notice it…

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Inspiration is a much-used, domesticated, amorphous and secular word for what is actually a revolutionary, countercultural and spiritual phenomenon.
The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Our Challenge

How Might We:

Reduce the dependency on tech for inspiration?
Facilitate organic inspiration so that it’s more on-demand?
Introduce people to a new problem space or unfamiliar experience?


Design Goal

Inspire people through snippets of their everyday experiences by other artists and designers locally and globally.


Research Phase

Online Survey - 50 responses from 16 different majors

Which senses help you find inspiration?

How does inspiration come to you?

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People often spend more time on finding inspiration than executing the ideas.
People tend to get frustrated when they could not get out of their own comfort zone.
People get inspired by things around them but it takes practice for them to notice it.




Challenge: We had to do our research TWICE in order to get a deep understanding of what inspiration means to people and how our product can inspire people different ways.

Interviewees: 20 people - designers and non-designers

Everything, everywhere

We learned that people can get inspired by so many things around them even a label from Trader Joe’s

Collaboration is Fun

People don’t just get inspired by looking at objects or piece of art but also by talking to people around and get inspired.

Something New

People tend to stuck with their first idea and it’s hard for them to step out of it to explore the possibilities within reach.


Ideation Phase


This process helped our team to come up as many ideas as we could then narrow them down in different categories that would address our problem. We had over 200 insights and 40 HMWs


Card Sorting

In order to understand the users’ mental model that they have for the application, we did a total of 14 card sorting to have a better understanding of where everything should be.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 10.59.27 AM.png

Insights: Lots of users expected to see things exactly where they wanted it to be and it was fascinating to be able to witness how everyone sorted everything differently but there were some commonalities.


Usability Testing

We did an overall of 21 user testing to get as many insights as possible. From there, we made several adjustments to improve the flow of the application and removed any confusion that came up during the testing.

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On Boarding

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collect moment MU.png
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Capture a moment

Through 5 senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell.

Get off your phone and get fresh air to create opportunities for your creative juice to flow

Analysis of everyday things, it is all about the moment not the object.

Collecting moments of inspiration

Fueling inspiration through others

Constantly questioning diverse perspectives

Global audience


Challenge others to actively collect moments

Meet with others to collaborate

Connect with others through shared memories


— Thank You.